5 Wedding Budget Myths busted!

Wedding Budget Myths

When it comes to budget weddings, it gets really hard to keep everything within the stipulated budget. We are here to bust some myths around weddings and budget!

Destination Weddings are expensive, and cannot be done on a budget.

Yes, destination weddings do cost money, but there are various ways to cut costs and make smart decisions.The couples need to prioritize, plan better and not give into any pressures. It’s  a general myth that wedding planners are expensive, yes you do have to pay a fixed fees to the planner, but the planner brings on board various concessions, deals and money saving ideas, that it eventually becomes a very smart investment.

  1. Intimate destination weddings will almost always save you money

    Not always. Destination weddings come with a fixed cost of frequent site visits, airfares, hotel stays. Intimate wedding also comes with an added pressure to indulge in that extra pampering for the guests.

  2. Backyard functions are cheaper.

    It does cut costs of renting out a venue but other costs most likelyremain the same -the tenting, lighting, tables, chairs and the linen. Backyard functions also bring the added hassle of constant hustle  and bustle in the house. Wedding venues tend to offer sweet deals on sound , food, guest hospitality and lots other arenas that require help during the functions. It’s always a good idea to have a solid support system to execute the wedding.

  3. You can DIY the decor to save costs.

    For smaller events like – Mehendi and Haldi it could be possible. But for the wedding and other formal functions it will be an insane amount of work with the added pressure of communicating with so many vendors, which could have been easily avoided.

  4. You can’t hire a wedding planner for a budget project

    This is not true for mid-range and destination weddings. This can’t be stressed enough, wedding planners generally charge as per the services chosen by the client. The planner brings on the table the experience, their relationships with various vendors in the wedding industry and several deals for you, which might end up saving lots of moolah!


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