Destination weddings at Jim Corbett- Everything you need to know

weddings in jim corbett

What Is The Best Time To Have A Wedding In Jim Corbett?

January to February can get really chilly at Jim Corbett. So, a good time to organize a wedding at Jim Corbett would be late January to mid April and mid October to Mid December, when the skies are clear, and the weather is very pleasant and beautiful. Monsoon months are best to be avoided.

How To Save Costs for A Destination Wedding In Jim Corbett?

Jungle Weddings are a relatively new and a lot of couples are leaning towards weddings in the midst of nature! But that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to shell out a lot of bucks. Here is how you can have a destination wedding in Jim Corbett on a budget-

Choose the location wisely – A venue that looks naturally pretty would mean saving on bulky looking decoration.
Choose an off-season wedding date – Prices of all the services tend to go down during off-season. You can also avail exciting discounts at various services and choose to expend more on guest pampering or entertainment!
Book the venue and vendors quickly – The sooner you book, the better chances you get exciting deals. Also, if try to go through the wedding planner in Jim Corbett route to get bulk deals amongst all vendors and the venue.
Keep your itinerary lean – Do not organise a lot of events – restrict the wedding to 2 days, 4 events! Back to back events help save costs on rentals and vendors like DJ , photographer etc.
And keep your guest list as lean as possible– A 120 to 150 guests is an ideal number for destination weddings at Jim Corbett.
Save on food and beverages by choosing the local cuisine for the wedding. Toned down menus work best for destination weddings at Jim Corbett.

Integrate Flavors Of The Hills In Your Jim Corbett Destination Wedding

For your Jim Corbett Destination wedding make sure to include the delicious Kumaon cuisine in your menu. The local Kumaoni cuisine will definitely wow your guests and add a personalized dimension to the wedding. You can elevate the menu by adding accompaniments like plum chutneys and green-chili salads, authentic flavours of the region.

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