Wedding budget: when, what and how?

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The first question we ask our clients before we start to understand their vision is indeed- the budget! Most clients have no budget planned because they are clueless about the wedding costs and broad heads under which a wedding is planned! Let us help you understand why planning the budget way in advance is beneficial for both us and our clients.

Arrive at a budget

Budgets help us know the finish line and hence, the marathon of planning the wedding is charted out accordingly! There are a number of things that factor in- your parents’ budget, your budget, the number of guests you want to invite, the location and venue, the type of food, the schedule of events and a broad vision of the look and feel of the wedding.

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Wedding planners can help plan the budget

As wedding planners we would always want to be part of the planning process right from the beginning. But since we are nothing but a tool to make your wedding planning easy and wedding day a success, we can come on board at anytime before the wedding.
However, to arrive at a ballpark figure, you can use the following blueprint, based roughly on a 150-person guest list.

Food, Dink & Venue- 40%

Flowers/Decorations- 10-15%

Photos/Videography- 10%

Music/Entertainment- 5%

Attire/Accessories- 10-15%

Ceremony- 2-5%

Other Expenses like transport, Stationary, Accommodation, Guest

Management- 20%

Be prepared for miscellaneous expenses

There will most definitely be, smaller costs that might crop up along the way. The shopping trips, meetings with several vendors, several venue visits, food tastings, mock-ups with certain vendors etc. might all cost some money. That is why hiring planners can help you run things smoothly, cover all bases and also save money overall. Some of the miscellaneous expenses can be:

Beauty treatments.

Postage/Courier cost for Invitations.

Dress Alterations.

Extra Meals like other day breakfast.

Wedding Favors

Gifts for family.

Back-up (i.e Tent for rains)

Wedding planners not only plan and allocate budget more efficiently, they will come up with unique ideas and plans to make you D-Day a success within your budget. And as they say: “Time is money”. We help you save time and money both!

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